Thunderbird fans: Do remember we shared news of Mike Conley’s neat Unity Launcher + Thunderbird integration a few days back?

Well time flies when you’re anticipating as that work is now ready for testing.

Test Thunderbird Unity extension

To test the extension you will need to be using Ubuntu 11.04 and have Thunderbird installed.

As an experimental extension you will  encounter bugs and issues.  Some known ‘shortcomings’ in this version include: –

  • The context menu items (“Compose a New Message” and “Contacts”) will only appear once the Unity shell has been restarted.
  • The extension is currently compiled for an i386 architecture. When this feature is integrated into Thunderbird, it will of course run on any architecture that Thunderbird can run on.

The add-on can be downloaded @

Bugs to be lodged @

Download Mozilla natty thunderbird