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4 Time Waster Games for Ubuntu

We've all had time when we've been bored out of our minds waiting for something. Instead of putting that time to good use, use it to play some boredom-sapping mini-games.

6 May 2013
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Typing Game ‘OMG! Words!’ Updated for Ubuntu 11.10 & 12.04

Our OMG! Ubuntu! themed typing game OMG! Words! has been updated with support for Ubuntu 11.10 and, ahead of its release this April, Ubuntu 12.04. Other than that there is nothing new: it still offers the same increasingly-frustrating game-play, cool soundtrack, and handful of annoying twists to make it a bit more challenging. Download instructions and more information tucked up inside.

14 March 2012
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Neat video review of OMG! Words! – the free game from OMG! Ubuntu!

Browsing around YouTube I also came across this pretty neat video review of the game by YouTube Ubuntu-er darockero11 that does an excellent job of showing off how the games works and just how addictive it can be...

28 March 2011

OMG! Words! – A Free Game for Linux with Our Faces In

Calling all grammar nazi's and typo hunters: Put your fingers where your gripes are and go up against The Editor's of OMG! Ubuntu! in time wasting typing game 'OMG! Words!'

23 March 2011