A new panel-based RSS reader has been released for feed-fanatics to get their fix from.


Feed Indicator, unlike RSS-Aware – a similarly purposed applet we’ve written about before – ships with an enhanced set of features including a handy ‘Mark all read’ menu entry and options to set the refresh interval of feeds.

Other features present in Feed Indicator include : –

  • Easily add and sort feed URL’s
  • Notification pop-up on new feed items


  • Adjustable refresh timer
  • Adjustable number of items to show per feed
  • Option to run on system start-up
  • Mark all items as read / unread
  • Option to enable/disable notification popups
  • Option to show each feed in a separate submenu
  • Feed item titles shortened if they are over 72 chars
  • Ubuntu Ambiance/Radiance mono icons



Install and uninstall scripts are included in the tar.gz file, downloadable here.

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