Over the last few weeks a number of readers have contacted us asking what’s going on with the much-lauded ‘Windicators‘ design initiative.

What’s a Windicator?

“Windicators are indicators displayed in the window title bar that behave just like the indicators in the panel: they have an icon which shows state, and clicking on the icon brings up a menu”

As suspected they won’t be making an appearance in Ubuntu 11.04, as Mark Shuttleworth confirms in this message on the Ayatana mailing list: –

“I’d love to see [Windicators] done, but it’s not critical to “getting Unity out there” which is our mission for 11.04.”

Not a huge surprise to most of us but nice to know the status regardless.

Windicator Mockup by Daniel Planas

Windicator Mockup by Daniel Planas

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