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Windicators ‘not critical’ to 11.04

Over the last few weeks a number of readers have contacted us asking what's going on with the much-lauded 'Windicators' design initiative.

4 January 2011
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Mark Shuttleworth talks Project Harmony, Unity, Windicators and more

The traditional biannualy held Ask Mark session of Ubuntu Open Week took place on 14th October 2010 1400 UTC on IRC. In the session, the Self Appointed Benevolent Dictator For Life talked about Unity, Project Harmony, many things about Canonical and clarified some points about less Kubuntu love and copyright assignment. And of course, the usual humor.

15 October 2010
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Windicators in action (albeit mocked-up action)

Windicators will form part of Ubuntu 10.10’s new feature set but remained, until now, somewhat of an enigma for no-one really knew what they were supposed to be for – other than indicate! Below are some […]

17 June 2010
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Many hands make the light work; few make it shine

Ubuntu lives in a special place between Windows and Mac OS X reserved only for Linux: more shine than Windows, less than OS X, resulting in a steaming pile of mediocrity. Since I’ve been involved in the Ubuntu […]

7 June 2010
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Daily Digest: Windicator Mock-ups, QuickShot Plans & Ubuntu On TV

Winidicator Mock-ups Over on the increasingly-dense-to-navigate Ayatana mailing list Daniel Planas posted some wonderful mock-ups of his take on the “Windicators” pencilled in to feature in Ubuntu 10.10. Aside from stirring some discussion the mock-ups […]

19 May 2010
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Ayatana and Single Click Navigation

Hey there readers. In case you weren’t aware, Ayatana has a mailing list through Launchpad to discuss the future of UI in Ubuntu. It is Ayatana that brought us the Notifications, the oft disputed window […]

16 May 2010
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Windicators – Ubuntu Meerkat Innovation Starts Here [Updated]

Remember Mark Shuttleworth hinting that the window control movement had freed up space on the right and that there were some interesting things that could be done there? Well: Mark Shuttleworth has just posted a […]

3 May 2010