I do so miss the ‘halycon’ days of Ubuntu customization: the overly glossy Emerald themes; AWN’s at-the-time cool mouse over effects;screenlet after screenlet on the desktop… and the ability to jazz up the GDM/login screen with some bizarre creation downloaded from GNOME-Look.org.

Since the introduction of GDM 2.30 many users have missed the creative freedom its predecessor allowed. You need only compare the login preferences screen of old to that of today to see what functions and features have gone:

But rejoice o’ customization fans – 2.30 is, indeed, still customizable to a degree. Check out this custom GDM (2.30) by btkostner, who got in touch to share his elementary OS GDM: –


It may not be as simple as downloading a packge from GNOME-Look.org and installing it via the Login preferences menu but it can still be done. See what your creative fingers can tickle into being by editing the .ui files tucked inside /usr/share/gdm.

But don’t forget to make a backup before you begin!