Keep your contacts in check with Dexter – a new address book application from the elementary project.

Created by developer Allen Lowe and Dan Rabbit the feature set provided in the first release is more than complete for everyday use.

Features include: –

  • Add, edit and view contacts (including first, middle and last name, organization, birthday, email(s), phone(s), address(s), picture, and notes)
  • Importing and exporting of vCards
  • Live searching
  • Contacts and organizations are automatically added to the dictionary to prevent spellcheck annoyances
  • Certain contact info become links (clicking on an address opens Google maps, etc.)
  • Dbus api to allow other apps access to Dexter’s ‘information goldmine’

welcomeFuture features

Development on Dexter doesn’t end there. Some great features are planned for future releases: –

  • Integration with more applications – including elementary’s own Postler client
  • Google sync.
  • Multiple contact editing
  • Easier contact sharing
  • Duplication detection
  • Ability to re-use custom labels


Dexter 0.1 is available to install on Ubuntu 10.10 via the following PPA: –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lallenlowe/dexter-ppa

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dexter

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