Unity will be Ubuntu 11.04’s new desktop environment – but you may just see it popping up in other non-Ubuntu derived distributions too – including Fedora.

Writing on his personal blog Red Hat’s Adam Williamson spoke about his plan to package Unity up for installation on Fedora – but it’s by no-means going to be an entirely easy feat.

But why does he want to do this? Won’t Fedora be using GNOME Shell? Williamson explains his motivation:

“Unity’s an interesting project. I want to look at it and compare it to GNOME Shell and I think quite a few others do too, so it seems nice to package it so you can run both on Fedora.

I’m hopeful it should be possible to have Unity available in the Fedora repos.”

Before going on to caution:

“I’m not promising anything and I’m not proposing this as a Fedora feature or anything, but it’d be cool if it works out.”

via UbuCentrum (Polish)

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