With the current flurry of excitement over the announced aim of Ubuntu switching the current X server with the promising ‘Wayland’ display server in the near future,  NVidia have decided to join in the jamboree by stating their intentions on delivering support for it.

Put simply by NVidia spokesman AaronP : –

"We have no plans to support Wayland."

Way to spoil a party, dude. Or is it?

What does this mean for me?

For now it means nothing as Ubuntu won’t be switching to Wayland just yet..

By the time the "switch" (which is far too clean a phrase to use, but simplicity here folks) occurs the impact it has on your desktop will be minimal as Wayland, currently, is compatible with pretty much every driver the current X server is.

NVidia have often been tepid at best when it comes to adding support for open-source technologies. They already ‘declined’ to add support for Kernel Mode Setting (KMS, the thing which gives many Ubuntu users a pretty boot screen and the rest of us a lame one).

It’s also worth keeping in mind that much progress will have been made on the free and open-source NVidia driver ‘Nouveau’ which, dare I say, we’ll all the better for using.

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