Fans of dockless dark desktops (really aiming for a niche there) looking to add some indented style to their desktop should check out ‘Deep’ – a new theme for DockBarX.

The theme comes with its own panel background and as demonstrated in the screenshot above works incredibly well with the AwOken icon set.


Sadly the amount of visual slickness you end up with depends entirely on your GTK+ theme. Some, such as Ubuntu Ambiance, maintain theme-derived patches (below on left of panel). Not every theme results in this so have a play around to find what works for you.


Download the zip file above and extract. Move the ‘deep.tar.gz’ to your DockBarX theme folder (you_home_folder/./dockybarx/themes/).

Apply via the DockBarX preferences.

Need DockBarX? Here’s the official PPA.

Download dockbarx Eye Candy