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Unity theme for DockBarX

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Serial designer - and perennial OMG! favourite - BigRZA has begun a work-in-progress theme for panel applet 'DockBarX' that aims to admirably ape the look and feel of Ubuntu 11.04's Unity launcher, which is itself a work in progress. The video below shows it in action.

21 February 2011
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Window switcher DockbarX adds media player buttons, Dock Helpers

The latest release of Window management applet 'DockBarX' has been released, adding in media player control for all music players that use MPRIS2 (I.e. any that show up in the Ubuntu Sound Menu).

6 February 2011
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New look DockBarX hits PPA

DockBarX - the icon-only window switcher applet for GNOME panel - recently updated itself with a new look and some ace new features.

13 December 2010
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DockBarX updates with new look

GNOME panel applet 'DockbarX' has been updated with a brand new look

8 December 2010
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Deep theme for DockbarX

Fans of dockless dark desktops (really aiming for a niche there) looking to add some indented style to their desktop should check out 'Deep' - a new theme for DockBarX.

25 November 2010
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Mono icon themes for DockBarX

Looking for a new Mono-awesome DockBarX theme? Jan-Christoph Borchardt has just thing for you...

7 September 2010
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DockBarX Adds live thumbnail previews

The popular window grouping and manipulation applet DockBarX has added support for live window thumbnails – not unlike that offered in Windows 7. It does this by making use of the KDE compatibility plugin available in Compiz, […]

2 June 2010