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Site stability…

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

I interrupt normal proceedings to offer you an apology.

Over the last few weeks access to this site has been flaky with hours of 503’s and never-ending loading times aplenty.

It’s been the same for the writing team – we’ve been unable to post articles, sometimes for hours, until demand on the server has died down enough to allow us access.

The simple (silver lining and all that) fact is this site is too popular for our current server to cope with: it can’t accommodate the traffic and as such we are going to be moving to a more capable hosting solution in the coming weeks.

As more-of-a-writer-less-of-a-server-admin this is going to be a challenging time for me as I attempt to move the entire site from one hosting company to another.

We do provide a full RSS feed which is not affected by the on-site issues but in the mean time, site wise, I can only offer apologies for any inability to access it.