Firefox 4 users on Ubuntu 10.10 looking to blend the browser in to their desktops should try out the following Ambiance Persona theme by reader Juan.

“What I observed with current firefox versions (firefox 4 beta seems to suit better) is the actual tab is always the color of the theme and ignore personas color, so I’ve made a new one that takes it into account and uses a slightly gradient to make it looks nicer, in addition it takes the color of the bar for tabs bar background.” Juan tolds us.

ambiance persona for firefox 4

There are a few requirements to get it looking as good as possible:

  • Hidden menu (hide-menubar, compact menu 2 addons).
  • Tabs on top.
  • Navigation bar & bookmarks bar.

The Persona can be tried on

If people are pleased with the result the author is willing to adapt it to satisfy more people (users who dont have bookmarks bar, or the menu bar is present all the time, etc.) so be sure to test it and leave some feedback in the comments below.

I think it rocks!