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Seif Speaks: Faster Zeitgeist for Everybody

It has been a while since I posted here, but the Zeitgeist team has been very busy lately and rest assured that lots of news will be hitting this site within the next 4 weeks. Collabora has been pushing us to optimize Zeitgeist performance and scalability, and we delivered. The next release of Zeitgeist will provide you with better performance. In some cases there is over 100% speed improvement.

14 June 2012
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Zeitgeist Ported From Python to Vala

Zeitgeist has been ported from Python to Vala - what does this mean for you? A faster, leaner and more responsive Zeitgeist.

4 November 2011
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My girlfriend’s desktop [Desktop Tour]

Due to some bad experience with viruses on her Laptop running Windows 7, my girlfriend decided to give Ubuntu another try. She is used to it since that is what I have running on my machine, but she never really liked the themes and the looks.

15 March 2011
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Elementary’s new Wingpanel in action

I took some time today to fight with libindicators and fix some issues the current wingpanel. It is as a very experimental piece of software. And by no means is it the new panel for elementary.

22 December 2010
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Zeitgeist rocking GNOME Shell

I took more time today to play with GNOME Shell...

4 December 2010
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More Zeitgeist integration in Software Center shows recommended apps based on usage

As some of you may know, Seif has been working closely with the Software Center developers to integrate Zeitgeist into the Software Center. We blogged about the Software Center using Zeitgeist to display app usage a couple of weeks ago, and naturally the next step would be for that information to be translated into recommendations, which is very, very cool.

9 October 2010
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Quick access to Zeitgeist’s Activity Journal

Our very own Seif Lotfy, known for his hard work on Zeitgeist and the Activity Journal, has just posted a video over on his blog that shows off some experimentation with quick access to the Activity Journal.

23 September 2010