Google’s forthcoming Chrome OS ships with a new default font set that provides  near-identical replacements for commonly used Microsoft fonts online.


Replacing the previously used ‘Liberation’ font set are ‘Tinos’ – a Serif font akin to Times new Roman; ‘Arimo’ – a sans-serif font similar to Arial and, for fixed-width usage, Chrome OS uses ‘Cousine’ in place of ‘Courier New’.

The fonts are quite beautiful in use although so far I haven’t been able to source their origin. One would assume that, like the Droid font family in use on Android, these were custom built specifically for use with Chrome/ium OS.

Download ChromeOS fonts

You can install and use these fonts in Ubuntu. Download the following .Zip file somewhere accessible. Extract it and double click on each font to install.

{via ChromeStory}

Download chromeos Fonts