Lightspark 0.4.3 final has been released, coming a mere two days after the first release candidate.

In the official announcement the developers state that “A couple of interesting features as been added since the RC and a good amount of bug fixes.”

I couldn’t exactly discern what those ‘interesting’ new features were but it certainly wasn’t a major kick up the derrière or a memory diet; this final release doesn’t, on my hardware at least, boast any significant improvement from the beta’s or RC.

That’s not to do this project down at all – it has covered a massive amount of ground in a minimal amount of time and that alone shows the power, talent and commitment of the team behind it.

To better hone the number of sites that LightSpark works with the development team are spearheading a new ‘site adopting’ campaign whereby developers pick a site of their choosing and then work hard on ensuring Lightspark can handle it.

For more information on that, and for more on this release in general, see the official announcement @ here.

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