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Flash alternative Lightspark 0.4.5 released

A new version of flash-alternative 'Lightspark' has been released.

14 December 2010
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Lightspark fixes YouTube support, adds audio plugin framework

“Another week, another bug fix release for Lightspark!” starts the release announcement on SSSUP‘s blog, which goes on to assure that YouTube support has been fixed and a new plugin-based audio-framework – allowing the flash-alternative […]

12 September 2010
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Open-Source flash alternative LightSpark final released

Lightspark 0.4.3 final has been released, coming a mere two days after the first release candidate. In the official announcement the developers state that “A couple of interesting features as been added since the RC […]

10 August 2010
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Lightspark Release Candidate brings faster rendering, better memory consumption

The first release candidate of open-source flash alternative LightSpark 0.4.3 has been released. Faster rendering, reduced memory consumption and smoother video playback are some of the notable changes present in this release. Installation Ubuntu users will […]

9 August 2010
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LightSpark Vs Flash: Benchmarked

The team behind open-source Flash alternative LightSpark pushed out a new bug-fix release a few days ago. Seeing as we’re a few releases in, I felt now was a prime time to see just how […]

6 August 2010
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Lightspark 0.4.2 Released, Adds Chrome/ium support, better youtube support (PPA)

The latest version of open-source flash player alternative Lightspark has been released. This version brings several new features to users including Chrome/ium support, improved sound synchronization and better compatibility with YouTube. Support for Firefox’s ‘out […]

20 July 2010
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Lightspark will bring Flash support to Linux PPC users

Linux PowerPC users will finally have something cheer about when open-source Flash implementation ‘Lightspark’ releases version 0.4.3 later this year. In an announcement for an upcoming release candidate for version 0.4.2 in which the team […]

17 July 2010
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Open Source Flash implementation LightSpark gets second RC, new features

Free and fully Open Source Flash implementation ‘LightSpark’ sees the release of a second release candidate today. Lightspark 0.4.2 sees the following additions and improvements, as listed on the official announcement: – YouTube support for […]

4 July 2010
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Lightspark Open Source Flash Player enters Beta

OpenSource Flash player implementation ‘Lightspark’ has entered beta. “What’s Lightspark?” the developers describe it as:  “…an open source Adobe Flash implementation, designed from the ground up to be efficient on current and (hopefully) future hardware.” […]

18 May 2010