GNOME 3.0 is delayed and the Zeitgeist team has more time to integrate with the GNOME desktop.

Daniel Siegel (the Cheese dude) had an idea during GUADEC that is worth giving a try… for Zeitgeist to integrate with the desktop, applications need to be patched or extended to do the following:
  • Send their Activity to Zeitgeist
  • Make use of the Information gathered by Zeitgeist (getting most used or other files related to the one in focus, etc…)
The Zeitgeist and GNOME Activity Journal teams have been very busy doing their own thing. The engine matured and the team has a very healthy momentum. Thus, starting October, Michal Hruby (from AWN and Sezen) and me (Seif Lotfy) will be focusing on deployment into existing applications.

For that we created a poll where everybody gets to vote for one app he/she would like to see make use of Zeitgeist. That’s right folks, YOU, the lucky readers of OMG! Ubuntu!, exclusively get to decide which applications make use of Zeitgeist.

The voting closes on the 15th of September, giving us 2 weeks to evaluate and discuss. Starting October 2010 we will integrate with an application every week, for four weeks in a row. The patches, plug-ins or extension will then be proposed for upstream inclusion – and our progress will be reported here on OMG! Ubuntu!

Thus the Zeitgeist team can live without a guilty conscious!

Applications that are not listed on purpose are:
  • Shell: we are working on this already (Siegfried Gevatter).
  • Tracker: Experimental integration is already on the way plus we have an existing extension for Zeitgeist to push its stuff into Tracker.
  • Nautilus: Currently they are busy with redesigning so any integration must be postponed.
So here is the poll, go crazy…

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