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Why Zeitgeist Is Not Evil

Privacy is the digital hot potato of today - and rightly so. What we do on our computers is, frankly, no-one else's business. We 'allow' some companies, such as Google and Facebook, to track what we do online so as to better serve us. And most of us don't mind. But is Zeitgeist - the 'relevancy engine' used in Ubuntu to keep track of which files and apps you use most - evil?

23 August 2012
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Linux Format + Seif Lotfy = Good times

I interrupt normal proceedings to bring you a shameless plug for one of my favourite magazines – Linux Format – and one of my favourite people – Seif Lotfy – both of whom, for this […]

3 October 2010
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Seif Speaks: Interviewing Mr. Gwibber (Ryan Paul)

I met Ryan Paul at UDS last may and I must say I was star struck (I am star struck most of the time at UDS anyhow). As a badass editor at arstechnica and the man who started gwibber I thought it would be nice to interview for OMG! Ubuntu!

17 August 2010
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Call for Mock-ups: OMG! User Awarding System needs a Trophy Viewer

OMG! OMG! OMG! We are close to releasing…. a beta. After porting the daemon to Mono with Chris Szikszoy (Docky fame) and with the support of David Siegel and Alex Launi (both from Do Fame […]

16 August 2010
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Seif Speaks: My Sexy Desktop

Well I received a lot of comments and mails about my overall *sexy* desktop layout and look. So to get everyone down a bit here is what you need to use and set up to […]

12 August 2010
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Bringing fun back to the desktop with… OMG! (the app)

Ohso wants to create fun, unique apps. Jorge linked me up with this idea. I quote from the blog post: I think it would be fun to add an achievement system to the Ubuntu Desktop, like is […]

10 August 2010
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Integrating Zeitgeist into GNOME: You decide which apps get patched (poll)

GNOME 3.0 is delayed and the Zeitgeist team has more time to integrate with the GNOME desktop. Daniel Siegel (the Cheese dude) had an idea during GUADEC that is worth giving a try… for Zeitgeist […]

5 August 2010
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Seif Speaks: Interviewing the OMG! Ubuntu! guys

This is a guest post by Seif Lotfy well known for his work on Zeitgeist, Sezen and the Elementary project. If you treat him nice, you might see more posts by him in the future.

3 August 2010