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Humanity icons get updated

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

With the UI and feature freeze just about to fall into place for Ubuntu 10.10 a few subtle changes to the default ‘Humanity’ icon set have landed – and just in time!

Unlike previous releases and/or updates to Humanity chances are you won’t notice a dramatic shift in style. Instead this update brings many previously ‘not-quite-right’ icons into line whilst adding many more which were previously missing or not included.

There are new directional and toolbar buttons for Nautilus and, as you can spot below, a new ‘home’ icon: –

There are new icons for various hardware devices such as iPod touch, Motorola Droid & even the humble hard-drive.

There are literally hundreds more but most, as noted above, are updated rather than brand spanking new so expect differences to be subtle rather than shouting.