Ubuntu’s new netbook interface ‘Unity’ received a batch of big updates 2 days ago but, due to wrestling with the beasts known as Ralink chipsets, i’ve only just managed to update. What was added, what’s new and what’s changed? Let’s take a quick 1 minute rundown. Fingers on your stop watches…

Window control buttons on the panel
Amid at increasing space for screen-space suppressed users, maximised windows push their window control buttons into the panel. As of yet they also remain in the window border but you can get the idea.

Talking of window controls, the solo-circular styling of the panel version look much better than that of the ‘indented trough’ the Metacity currently uses, non?

New launchers

Quick launchers for ‘places’, ‘applications’ and, er, ‘trash’ have been placed onto the launcher bar for easy access. Talking of which…

New look launcher bar

The textured background of the launcher bar has given way to a silky, ambiance gradient – and looks all the better for it.


Workspace overview mode thing
It works kind of like Exposé on OS X or ‘Window picker’ in Compiz – you press, it shows. I assume it is supposed to give an overview of workspaces too (judging from the launcher icon) but alas for now it doesn’t.
Workspace 1_003Folder browsing mode
Folder browsing within the ‘Places’ pane has been implemented.

Downloads on front page

Prepare to start installing a tonne of applications by accident for the application page – including each category – now boats some handy links to other similar software.

Click on on and the application will/should open up in the Software Centre for you to install. Workspace 1_001[9]

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