join[5]Signing up for and managing your Ubuntu One account could be about to get a whole world easier in later releases of Ubuntu with the introduction of a new desktop-based Ubuntu One Control Panel from Canonical.

The aim of the redesigned-application is to improve the user experience of using the Ubuntu One service, allowing users to join, sign in and manage their accounts directly from the Ubuntu desktop.

Users will find the “data dashboard” will give them easy to understand visual overviews of what data syncs, where it syncs and from which devices.

Making things even easier

For new-users, or those without an Ubuntu One account, signing up up for an account won’t even require a user to open a browser window. Instead all the necessary ‘paperwork’ (aside from your e-mail verification e-mail, natch) will be done using a super-slick “sheet”. If it looks as nice in reality as it does in mock-up then tally-ho!


Those already using Ubuntu One will find both logging in and setting-up syncing a breeze. Instead of hitting “Join” you hit ‘connect this computer to Ubuntu One’ and you’re away.

Better still, for those who love the cloud storage service so much they want to upgrade their storage plan – it’s all just a click or two away, too!

Managing your account

The new look ‘hub’ will make managing devices, contacts, permissions and syncing applications much easier, with informative options presented in a clear way.


Other basic account-related features will be accessible such as changing or ‘remembering’ your password and disabling sync on the computer in use.


Readers should note that this is a proposed inclusion and, as is so often the way of development, change and adaptation should be expected – this is far from being the final iteration. What you see here today is certainly a promising proposal and one that clearly shows that Canonical are keen to make using the Ubuntu One service as easy and stress-free to use as possible.

Ace stuff!

Images | © Canonical

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