Ever wanted to run your favourite Linux applications from a USB sticks on ANY major Linux distribution with the need to install anything? Then prepare to say hello to Portable Linux Applications.


The Portable Linux Apps project brings the ideal of “1 app, 1 file” to Linux. Applications are able to run on all major distributions irrespective of their packaging systems – everything the application needs to run is packaged up inside of it. There are no folders to extract, dependencies to install or commands to enter: “Just download, make executable, and run!”

The method is similar to the way in which OS X handles applications; everything required for an application to run is in the application itself allowing for the application to be run from any location.

There are plenty of benefits to this approach. Users can test out nightly builds of popular software without compromising the installed version, applications can be downloaded and dropped onto a USB stick or memory card and then run on any desktop.

Some currently available Portable Linux Apps available to download right now include: –

  • Pidgin
  • Midori Web Browser
  • XChat IRC Client
  • Transmission torrent app
  • SpiderOak online backup tool
  • Blender
  • Handbrake

There are plenty more and, even better, creating your own ‘AppImage’ is made simple thanks to the ImageAppAssitant tool available.

Remember the banners?

Back in April we issued a call for users to get creative and design some simple banners for their favourite applications. We couldn’t reveal at the time what they were to be used for… Keeping schtum about this project for the past few months has been hard to say the least! Anyway, if you submitted a banner a few months back then be sure to check out the app gallery because it may have been used!


There is nothing for users to install in-order to run portable applications, everything they may need is bundled up with them.

You will need to mark the applications ‘executable’ after download – Right click > Properties > Permissions > Check ‘allow executing as a programme’ . After that just double-click and you’re off.

View and download portable Linux applications @ portablelinuxapps.org

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