You know the score: You use, blog, post and wax lyrical on a million different websites and that means lots of different accounts and, thusly, lots of different passwords too.

So many passwords fast become a chore to remember; writing passwords down is a big no-no and using the same password on each account is a tad foolish. Initiatives such as OpenID and cross-web Facebook login are helping to ease this burden but have yet to reach into every nook and cranny of the internet. I rely heavily on Opera’s ‘magic wand’ login, Firefox’s super auto-fill & a similar plug-in for Chrome but this isn’t ideal: What if I want my passwords to sync between browsers?

Enter LastPast – the self proclaimed “…last password manager you’ll ever need”

OMG! Reader! xfact is a big cheerleader of the app and it’s relatively easy to see why; a triad of win, LastPass is secure, cross platform and, for the win, cross browser too.

Browser support

LastPass supports almost all major browsers: –

  • Mozilla based browsers (Firefox, Seamonkey, Flock [2.6] etc.)
  • Chromium based browsers (Chrome, Chromium, Flock 3)
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari
  • Opera (via a bookmarklet)

Secure encryption of passwords

You needn’t worry about any grody goon gaining access to your passwords for the only thing that gets stored on LastPass’ servers is a big encrypted ball of your passwords and the sites they belong to. Only you have the encryption key to your passwords and, better still, all encryption and decrypting of passwords takes place on your computer.

No-one but you has access to your passwords.My LastPass Vault - Google Chrome

Secure encrypted note taker

Oh yes. LastPass also lets you encrypt and store other confidential text in your password vault such as notes or contact data.

Form Filling

LastPass can store and auto-fill form information, a feature that whilst already baked into most browsers gives you cross-platform cross-browser syncing of that data.

Access LastPass anywhere, anytime

You just need to remember the one master password and the registration mail ID, and your passwords can always be with you wherever you go. At a friends? Just install the add-on, enter your ID and password and all your passwords are right there for you.


LastPass can be downloaded from the Lastpass website @

Super duper thanks to xfact

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