When a colleague scoffed at dooratthe‘s claim that an Ubuntu based LAMP server could be deployed in 5 minutes, well, something had to be done to prove it.

Below is a screencast of a complete Ubuntu 10.04 LTS install, ‘inclusive of Apache, MySQL, PHP and fully updated, ready to deploy.’ All done in 5 minutes and 30 seconds.

As ‘dooratthe’ says: "You cannot ask for more than this from any OS.. 5 minutes, to a deployable, updated AMP stack, is incredible." He’s right and all props should go to the Canonical server team for their awesome work.

A few notes for the curious: The deployment was carried out in VirtualBox, with the CD image stored remotely on the storage server and not locally. Server specs are a single cpu, 1G of ram, bridged networking to eth0, and 12M of display memory – a typical home server, pretty much!

Click on the picture below to watch the full install in animated .gif form.

Screenshot of install
thanks to Jason457
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