identityA new ‘dropbox style’ synchronisation and collaboration tool aimed at open-source users has been announced today by Hylke Bons.

Called SparkleShare aims to provide all of the same features of Dropbox but with better GNOME integration, more real-time features for groups of people working together & the ability to host and add different folder on different servers. SparkleShare, by being open source, aims to provide users with an easy tool sans any dodgy license agreements.

“SparkleShare is build on Mono, GTK+ and wraps around Git.” ~ Hylke Bons


  • Secure & fast
  • Set up your own servers
  • Designed to make sharing &collaboration easier
  • Built in version control using GIT allows easy roll back of file changes


Contributors wanted

No release of SparkleShare but users wishing to get involved in what promises to yield an exciting application and feature set are advised to head over for links to the source code on gitorious.

Versions for OS X & Windows are also planned.

Images | Sparkleshare; Hylke Bons

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