lxBDPlayer, as the name suggests, is an open-source blu-ray disc player that uses the popular DumpHD decoder.

Developed by 4 Students at French engineering school ESIEA the software aims to be easy to use – although the developers makes no-bones about it not being able to play protected blue-ray discs out of the can. This is largely a moot point as lxbdplayer has a plug-in framework thus making the third-party addition of such a plug-in a inevitably effete affair. Screenshot


A .deb of lxbdplayer is available to download @: –

Visit the official page for more information @ http://lxbdplayer.sourceforge.net/english.html


I don’t have a blu-ray disc let alone a blu-ray drive to try this out on but I do know that some OMG! readers do – so try this out and let us know how well it works etc via the comments!

Via | Cewens Blog

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