Glippy is a self-confessed ‘simple clipboard manager for Ubuntu’ that provides clipboard support for history, images, text and more.

Clip-board managers are useful tools for users who copy-and-paste frequently or wish to copy something but use it again later. The ever-expanding resource that is Wikipedia gives two main tasks that clipboard managers such as Glippy aim to do: –
  • to store data copied to clipboard, so it can be pasted after closing the host application of the data copied, and
  • to make multiple clips from the history available, whereas most system-native clipboards overwrite one clip with the next.
Glippy manages to fulfil these with aplomb though some more advanced functions found in similar software is lacking so if you’re a super-duper power-user who would cop and paste their own Granddad then Glippy may not be the best choice. If, alternatively, you just want something easy to use and not overly complex then Glippy presents a viable solution, all topped off with a very nice indicator applet.

A simplistic settings menu serves up easily configurable settings. note that image support, by default, is unchecked.

Install Glippy
Glippy can be installed via the following PPA. The PPA only contains Glippy so there won’t be any unexpected upgrades or installs that you weren’t seeking. 
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bikooo/glippy
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install glippy glippy-ubuntu-mono

Launch Glippy from the Applications > Accessories menu.

Glippy is the project of Wojciech Kawalczyk
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