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Face recognition & auto-tagging coming to digiKam

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Google’s Picasa desktop application has it, Apple’s iPhoto has it and even Windows Live Photo Gallery now has it. What am I talking about?  Face recognition.

Picasa Vs… Ermm

The lack of capable face-recognition in native Linux photo managers has meant, for many, that the hodge-podge of Google’s Picasa has remained the only viable choice when seeking out a ‘modern’ photo-manager that is able to keep up with the Joneses. For as spurious or novel as face-tagging may seem to some, for users with a shed load of family photos to keep track of it is an invaluable timesaver.


Get ready to say cheese for the dearth of auto-tagging based on facial recognition in truly native Linux applications is about to be abated – and it’s all thanks to KDE developer Aditya Bhatt and his work on a new library called ‘libface‘.

Two-Face Guy

Developed as part of ‘Google Summer of Code’, Aditya Bhatt’s project sees him nabbling away on implementing automatic tagging of faces in popular photo management application ‘digiKam’ via the use of the libface – a library created by both himself and aimed at bringing face recognition technology to the open source community.

So far the project is coming along very nicely and is working pretty well (as identified in the screen-grab above). Better yet according to updates on Abitya’s blog a QT/KDE wrapper for libface, named, and no groaning, ‘liKface’, will likely end up ‘somewhere in kdegraphics/libs’ meaning that this ace new library will not only benefit the intended application ‘digiKam’ but be available for other programs to use, too.

Great work!

Image | Aditya Bhatt

Thanks to Eoin