Ever wanted to help promote Ubuntu? Well now’s your chance!
The Ubuntu Ads project are launching a new advert, one that requires your voice to be heard ” literally!
Ddorda from the aforementioned Ads team contacted me to ask for OMG! readers with a video camera/webcam & mic to record the message below, save it and then wing it over to the provided e-mail.
The clips will then pass through an awesome-o-matic before being collated into one super awesome Ubuntu advert.

What you need to say

Clear your throat and make sure you’re visible in frame and then record yourself saying this sentence in your native tongue (be that English, Swedish, Fnark or whatever): –

  • “My name is [YOUR NAME] and I use Ubuntu!”

Once you’ve recorded that and are satisfied send it to Ubuntuadverts@gmail.com with your name and what language you spoke in the clip.
You can see current examples of Ubuntu Ad’s work @ http://www.youtube.com/UbuntuAds

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