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Ubuntu Launches ‘#Reinvent’ Marketing Campaign

Canonical is looking to build hype for its upcoming Mobile World Congress announcements though a mysterious new online initiative.

1 February 2016

New Animated ‘Ubuntu For Android’ Ad Hits the Web

A new 'Ubuntu for Android' commercial has appeared online. The 2 minute animated spot explains the key concepts behind the technology, which was first announced back in February, via irrelevant analogies.

12 November 2012

‘What Makes Ubuntu 11.10 So Great?’ Video

That's the question that the latest video "ad" uploaded to the official Ubuntu YouTube promo channel video asks, and then answers it by showing off a slick overview of some of Ubuntu 11.10's key features.

7 October 2011
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Ubuntu Advertising team launch user experience survey

The community-led Ubuntu Advertisement team have launched a new 'user experience survey' whose responses 'may be used in statistics and publicity.' The survey itself won't take up much of your time and you'll be helping out Ubuntu in the process.

23 May 2011

Ubuntu Billboard Spotted on Highway 101

Mauricio Suescon was taking a cruise along the101, San Francisco Bay Area, when something familiar looking caught his eye Breaking all kinds of highway safety laws, he whipped out his camera to catch the ad for posterity/proof. […]

28 April 2011
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Ubuntu Advert Team launches

A new project tasked with creating mixed media adverts for Ubuntu has been launched on, no pun intended, Launchpad.

24 November 2010
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New Ubuntu Advert makes for a slick introduction to the OS

During Mark's keynote address at the Ubuntu Developer Summit he played a very slick new video advertisement for Ubuntu. Whilst I doubt this will be rocking up on your TV anytime soon it's nonetheless an extremely slick introduction to Ubuntu and what it's all about.

27 October 2010
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‘Linspotting’ – Linux ad spoofs Trainspotting

Parodying the 1996 cult film Trainspotting, Caroline Pimenta's Linspotting advert is a well made and incredibly funny short that will have you laughing throughout.

8 October 2010
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Another official Ubuntu advert you likely never saw…

A few weeks back we featured an official promotional advert for Ubuntu that barely anyone had ever seen which totally rocked.  Today we’re back with another, courtesy of the very ace John Bernard in Canonical’s marketing […]

21 August 2010
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UbuntuAds latest promo video shows off Ubuntu 10.10 Unity in slick style

Ddorda of the UbuntuAds project hit me up with a link to their latest promotional creation for Ubuntu 10.10. At a mere 39 seconds long the video shows off the new Unity netbook interface in […]

19 August 2010
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How fast does your PC boot? (Awesome Ubuntu promo video)

Goce Mitevski submitted the following promotional Ubuntu video to the Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase group on Vimeo – and boy does it rock! “Free Culture what?” The Ubuntu Free Culture Showcase provides users with an […]

3 August 2010

The best advert for Ubuntu you probably never saw

OMG! reader Sebastian stopped by the OMG! Mailbox to drop off a link to this immensely impressive Dell/Ubuntu promotional video that, curiously, I – nor anyone I showed this to prior to posting – had […]

22 July 2010