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Chromium based webapps for Ubuntu Light?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Ubuntu Light – the “7 seconds to web” Ubuntu experience targeted at netbooks that will use the Unity interface – will more likely than not feature some form of web-app type application support from the get go, but will it be using Chromium-based web-apps or Mozilla Prism web-apps?

OMG! reader Radel discovered, when poking around in GConf, that it seems Ubuntu Light will default to Chromium-based web apps, noting the following GConf key under desktop/unity’/launcher: – 

“webapp use chromium” and the description says “Whether the launcher should create Chromium-based webapps. If this is False, Prism-based webapps will be created.” 

A recent job listing by Canonical for the Ubuntu DX team also points towards Chromium involvement somewhere along the line, with the post description being: –

“As a member of the Desktop Experience Team, the Software Engineer’s role will be to design and develop new web browser features. This role demands both a strong experience with developing with the WebKit or Chromium codebases, as well as up-to-date Javascript development skills. Knowledge of the Mozilla platform would be a plus.” 

Should we expect some Jolicloud-esque web app and/or web app launcher in Ubuntu Light? Time, my friends, will tell…

Thanks Radel & Alex Murray!