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Brussels, beer, Ubuntu and boys taking a leak

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Between the 10th and the 14th May, 2010, I hit up the lovely country of Belgium to attend the Ubuntu Developers Summit for the Maverick Meerkat release. I was one of 60 lucky people from the community to be sponsored for the trip, which is a fantastic honour and I thank Canonical for giving me the opportunity!

I started writing an article about the trip but that ended up being rather boring, giving a blow-by-blow account of what I did for the entire week. I got rid of that. Instead, I present ten things I learnt from UDS! (In no particular order)

  1. Qantas runs Red Hat Linux on their in-flight entertainment system, which they had to reboot twice after I took off from Sydney in the Airbus A380.
  2. Jorge Castro loves singing Celine Dion. Jono Bacon is also just as cheerful and talkative in real life as he is on the internet!
  3. Delirium Tremens, a 20% Belgium beer, really takes its toll on you after a few glasses.
  4. Ask for a medium steak, get a rare steak. Ask for a rare steak, get a live cow.
  5. Alex Chiang very much enjoys taking his pants off in the lobby of hotels around the world.
  6. I didn’t have enough time to attend sessions in three tracks, film a UDS video, report on news for, do crew duty AND socialize at the same time.
  7. There’s a lot of graffiti in Europe in general, and the taxi drivers are incredibly good at multitasking while driving in the rain at night.
  8. Brussels is known for a guy taking a leak. No kidding, all the souvenirs at the airport were of a dude urinating! I even got a T Shirt.
  9. Drinking beer out of a 1 litre glass boot is the coolest feeling in the world, but don’t trust the airport baggage handlers to keep it intact on your way home.
  10. The people at UDS absolutely ROCK! It was awesome meeting all the people I have been working with, and then so many more from other departments.
You can see some of the photos I took in my Facebook album. (One day I’ll get around to uploading them to Flickr!)