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On that wallpaper (you know which one)

A few days back a new default wallpaper landed in Ubuntu 10.10 and whilst we weren’t convinced that this was the final iteration (our own post on it was layered with a questioning tone) the reaction […]

29 August 2010
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July’s most popular posts on oMG! Ubuntu!

It’s August the 1st already! Geesh… time flies when you’re busy blogging! Here are the 10 most read posts here on OMG! last month. The best advert for Ubuntu you’ve probably never seen… OMG! Ubuntu! […]

1 August 2010
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Gnome Shell mockup – the beast has a pretty side

A new mockup of Gnome Shell shown off at GUADEC this week gives us a hint as to what the it may look like further down the track. While it’s a distinct improvement on what […]

29 July 2010
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Ubuntu Manual released in Greek, German

After a couple of months and many, many delays, The Ubuntu Manual Team has released Getting Started with Ubuntu 10.04 in some more languages, Greek and German. The setbacks in translated editions being released was […]

28 July 2010
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OMG! Merchandise Store Now Open for Business

We’ve opened up an OMG! Merchandise Store (link since removed) where you can purchase exciting designs printed on everything from clocks to t-shirts and help support us at the same time. We don’t get any […]

26 July 2010
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Beginners guide to asking smarter questions in IRC

I’m sure we’ve all asked dumb questions on IRC when we started using Ubuntu – and I’m sure those that hang out in IRC support channels like #ubuntu are all too familiar with said questions. […]

25 July 2010
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Ubuntu Developer Week kicks off today

The Ubuntu Developer Week is back and at it again for another fun-filled, action-packed week of learning and education on how you can contribute to Ubuntu and become an exciting developer. Developers are in shortage […]

12 July 2010
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Maverick Papercut Hunting Season Opens

In an article I wrote a few weeks ago, I talked about how the little things count when it comes to product quality. Unfortunately, not all developers have enough time or knowledge to add that extra […]

27 June 2010
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Some fun stats from The Ubuntu Manual project

No, The Ubuntu Manual Project is indeed not dead. We’ve just been quieter than usual recently due to a number of things, mainly because our core contributors have been tied up with University exams taking […]

26 June 2010
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Sezen contextualized file manager shown off [Video]

Seif Lotfy from Zeitgeist and Elementary fame has been working on a new file searcher/browser called “Sezen” that provides contextualized results based on time and file type. Sezen makes use of Tracker and Zeitgeist to give […]

20 June 2010
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OMG! Ubuntu! Reader Desktops

There are some awesome screenshots of desktops in the OMG! Ubuntu! Facebook group so I thought it would be cool to post ten of the coolest ones here for you guys to admire, ask questions about […]

12 June 2010
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Cardapio menu applet gets web search and preferences

Our favourite alternative to the main Ubuntu menu applet has received an update today which makes it easier to configure settings and also includes a new plugin to perform Google searches right from your desktop! The new […]

12 June 2010