Well hello OMG! readers! This is Tyler Brainerd, also known as Tyler James. Some of you may have read my comments here and there on OMG, and/or perhaps seen a few screenshots from my computer. I’m now the third nation represented in a writer here at OMG! as I’m an American, currently in my senior year of college in Eugene Oregon, studying theater arts. I know, not very nerdy or Linux-y.

Anyhow, my involvement in Ubuntu as far as developing has been rather limited to this point, as I’ve been sort of biding my time before jumping into huge projects. I’ve done some documentation work here and there, some feedback and bug hunting, and here at OMG I’ve done a tiny bit of tipping of small changes in Lucid, or things along those lines.
My free time at the moment is pretty much consumed with doing whatever linux user does at some point: trying to rethink the entire paradigm of how we interact with our computers. So I’ve been reading, reading, reading as much as I can. Just in the last few days, I’ve finally picked a general direction to begin moving in and thinking and writing about, and that direction involves Virtual Desktops. While there is not much there besides a bit of prose-ful rambling at the moment, you can check into my progress in thick, messy detail here, and expect to see some updates and thoughts here fairly regularly, once they become more then just ramblings.
So what I’d like to know, OMG! readers, is how do you use your virtual desktops? Heres all the details I’d like to know (and feel free to be as wordy as you’d like!)
1. How many virtual desktops do you use?
2. What layout are they in?
3. How do you navigate between them, both without windows and bringing windows along?
4. In what way do you use them? Assigned tasks per workspace? Auto-opening windows on particular desktops?
5. Are there any other tricks, tips, or hacks that you have on your virtual desktops?
6. What would you like to see in workspaces, or what features do you want?
Thank you all!

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