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This ‘Stairway to Heaven’ Ubuntu desktop is gorgeous and simple to achieve

Is your desktop in need of a makeover? The following desktop by DeviantArtist ~votritis, called 'Stairway to heaven', might be just what you're after...

7 June 2011

The top 5 desktops from our Facebook competition

Last week we ran a 5-day competition on our Facebook page, where fans were invited to submit a screenshot of their pimped Ubuntu desktop. We got over 500 submissions throughout the week, and it was certainly a tough decision to pick only 5 winners out of so many.

16 February 2011

OMG! Ubuntu! Facebook page desktop competition

This week we are running a desktop screenshot competition on our Facebook page. The top five desktops as chosen by our panel of judges will be published in an article on OMG! Ubuntu! for all the world to see. Hit up the break for details on how to enter.

6 February 2011
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Seif Speaks: My Sexy Desktop

Well I received a lot of comments and mails about my overall *sexy* desktop layout and look. So to get everyone down a bit here is what you need to use and set up to […]

12 August 2010
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Workspaces: and How We Use Them.

Well hello OMG! readers! This is Tyler Brainerd, also known as Tyler James. Some of you may have read my comments here and there on OMG, and/or perhaps seen a few screenshots from my computer. […]

23 April 2010