With Ubuntu 10.04 having switched its default search engine from Google to Yahoo! and then back to Google again we’ve had a few ‘new’ Firefox start pages to look at this cycle.

The latest, and final, iteration is, I’m sure you will agree, easily the best looking this cycle ” if not in Ubuntu’s history. To my mind only the Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron start page looked as wholesomely designed as this. Picture, yo.

No GMail no hablo

Whilst it may be nice to look at it does have its flaws. There are no ‘quick’ links to Google services as with Mozilla’s own start page ” even after entering a ‘search’ as the Ubuntu start page uses Google Custom Search. Sadly it seems there is a trade-off for beauty.

See it for yourself, fishies*

You can check it out (and set it as your default homepage in any browser of your choice) using the following link: http://start.ubuntu.com/10.04/

*The community icon is a fishbowl. No offence intended.

Thanks to Paul

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