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OMG! Redesign: Submissions so far

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Since launching our, for want of a better term, ‘OMG! Blog! Idol’ yesterday we’ve received a veritable sack-load of submissions and ideas — thank you so much people! 

Although nothing is going be decided on just yet (expect a patented OMG! Poll to help in that decision) I’ve decided to share some of the awesome submissions and designs received so far.

A really big thanks to the respective authors of the works – there’s some really great stuff!

Logo design by ~ András


Designs by ~ Jeff






Design by ~ krysis 

Images since broken :(

Logo Designs by ~ Nikola


Design by ~ Brandon Sheppard

Image since removed :(


Purple is proving to be a popular suggestion and it’d be a bit odd of us not to include it in some form. I really love the dark aubergine background colour of Jeff’s mock-up — very sexy.

To koala or not to koala…

The OMG! mascot from day one has been our little stuffed marsupial Keith. It seems many of you don’t think we should part with him too prematurely, either. He could easy don some whiskers and cat ears for Lucid…

That said, he’s a closet Mac user…

Widgets, Elements and page-clutter

One thing that will be eloping off into the misty fog of the trash can will be the following page elements. They just don’t work and, as many of you have pointed out, require you to scroll when landing here to actually see the content.

Not cool. Nukes armed.


Feel free to keep submitting/critiquing via the comments, the contact form or via e-mail to the usual e-mail.