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You Can’t Move Window Controls to the Right on Ubuntu

It’s been many, many years since Ubuntu decided to move the position of window control buttons from the right-hand side of application windows to the left. Many of you may recall that this switch wasn’t without […]

14 November 2016
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Should Ubuntu’s Minimize Button Be Vertical?

When was the last time you paid any attention to the icons used inside Ubuntu's window controls? No. Can't say I have ever done so, either. But then someone sent me a link to this image...

21 September 2012
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Now that looks familiar: Buttons switch to their final ordering in Lucid

Now that looks a bit more familiar…   Yes, just as Mark Shuttleworth announced in his ‘Buttons staying left, but order changing’ announcement, Ubuntu 10.04’s buttons have finally positioned themselves where they intend to stay […]

5 April 2010
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Ubuntu window buttons staying left, but will be switching order

Just a quick heads up ” window controls in Ubuntu 10.04 WILL be staying on the left hand side but the button order will revert to Close, Minimize, Maximize. Mark Shuttleworth issued the final verdict […]

1 April 2010
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‘Additional buttons’ concept for the right-hand side of windows

Reader Platinrabe sent over his concept for how best to use the free space on window borders that we’ve seen so much of recently: from gesture based controls and intelligent helpers to workflow-enhancing menu-thingy-majiggies) “I […]

30 March 2010
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Esfera – gesture-based replacement for right-hand side window borders

Jack Wallen over on TechRepublic posted an interesting piece about a discussion that’s been buzzing on the Ayatana mailing-list over the last few days. It centers around an idea that, like other proposals we’ve featured […]

29 March 2010
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New Ubuntu Window Button Concepts by Izo Make Glorious Sense

Following Mark Shuttleworth’s gloriously intriguing statement that Ubuntu 10.10 will experiment with “innovative” options on the right-hand side of window borders, many designers have begun mocking up their proposals in earnest. Workflow Mock up by […]

29 March 2010
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Meet Zeitbutton and Menu Button – Right-hand side replacement buttons

Mark Shuttleworth, in response to the on-going Window Button Controversy™ , stated the he “..would like to experiment with some innovative options” in the right-hand space left free by the button shuffle to the left. […]

19 March 2010
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Mark Shuttleworth responds to the window button issue; hints at good things to come

The repositioning of window button controls in Ubuntu 10.04 has undoubtedly been one of the most ‘controversial’ decisions taken by the OS team period. They change can seem both trivial – they are just window […]

16 March 2010
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Easy GUI Window Button Switcher for Lucid (and Karmic) users

I do envision a time when the Window Button Controversy™ has been resolved and i can stop posting endless articles about it. Alas, that time is not yet. To smooth things over OMG! Ubuntu! reader […]

9 March 2010