gThumb is to be included in Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition as the default image editor

F-Spot, the default image editor in regular Ubuntu, was removed from the UNE live-cd only a few days ago. The addition of Gthumb puts an image editor back in its place.

As gThumb is lightweight and feature-packed there is no trade-off for Netbook users – it has photo exporting to popular photo sharing sites such as Flickr, far greater set of editing tools for tweaking photos and, above all else, a super easy interface.

49% of you think F-Spot sucks. No, really!

In tangent to discussions at the Ubuntu Developer Summit for Lucid (where the decisions are made on what the next release includes) we ran a poll asking for your take on F-Spot simply titled ” Do You Use F-Spot?

Out of 1, 151 response a whopping 49% of you stated that you remove F-Spot ASAP. Only 7% of people used it because they liked it.


If you’re currently using Lucid you can install gThumb via the software centre. Lucid Netbook users will find it installed by default in the 10.04 Beta.

Potential F-Spot killer

We looked at gThumb 2, which has been re-written from the ground up, back in November when we queried whether it was, in fact, better than F-Spot. Our conclusion was that it most certainly was – and since that review gThumb has come on in leaps and bounds – totally nuking our concerns we had at the time.

You can try out gThumb 2 using the following .deb files

First install this .deb: download me

Followed by gThumb 2.11 itself using the respective .deb: 64bit | 32bit

Thanks to OMG! newshound om26er