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Hercules unveil new eCAFE netbooks running Ubuntu Netbook Remix

Little known and obscure laptop manufacturer Hercules have today rolled out a couple of new ARM netbooks into the UK market dubbed the "Slim HD" and "Ex HD," touting Ubuntu Netbook Remix.

31 March 2011

Navisurfer II serves up Ubuntu in a fresh way

Have you gone the extra mile to install Ubuntu on every device you possibly can, even your kitchen toaster? When you get yourself a shiny new car, is the first thing you do customize it? Then the Navisurfer II is just what you need to "pimp your ride".

21 February 2011
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Preview the new Installation slides for Ubuntu 10.04

The proposed slides for inclusion in the Ubuntu 10.04 installer have been made available to preview on line. The slides, which play during installation of Ubuntu, have been redesigned to fit in with the new […]

11 March 2010
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gThumb to be default image editor in Ubuntu Netbook Edition

gThumb is to be included in Ubuntu 10.04 Netbook Edition as the default image editor F-Spot, the default image editor in regular Ubuntu, was removed from the UNE live-cd only a few days ago. The […]

2 March 2010
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It’s Not The Hokey Cokey; OpenOffice BACK In Ubuntu Netbook Edition After User Outcry

The community outcry over the removal of OpenOffice from Ubuntu Netbook Edition has seen developers reaching for a rethink over the controversial decision. The first reversal earlier this week that saw AbiWord and GNUMeric step […]

11 February 2010
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Karmic Netbook Remixes: Kubuntu 1, Ubuntu 0

Karmic Koala will see the release of TWO official Netbook Remixes – Ubuntu NBR and Kubuntu NBR. LEt’s take a look at both as of Alpha 5… Ubuntu Karmic Koala Netbook Remix Refined, Stylish and, […]

7 September 2009