The second Alpha release of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx is due for release next Thursday (14th January) but what can you expect to find inside it?


  • The GIMP will has been removed from Alpha 2
  • Video editor ‘Pitivi’ has been added
  • Brain training game ‘gBrainy’ will join the paired down roster of games
  • Facebook game ‘Farmville’ will NOT get a menu shortcut as planned; it’s been ruled out
  • The F-Spot changes we told you about in November are targeted to land in Alpha 2

Netbook Edition

  • Ubuntu Netbook Remix Officially Renamed/Branded as Ubuntu Netbook Edition from this point onwards.
  • A 2D launcher for Netbook Edition will be available to machines with no/limited graphics support. Users with graphics drivers can also choose to enable it.

Social from the start

  • The Social integration features Lucid is getting (read about them here) have been postponed until Alpha 3.


  • A new boot recovery option
  • Plymouth involved in boot/shutdown process

If you haven’t installed recent updates to Lucid Alpha 1 you’ll notice Nautilus looks a tiny bit different in Alpha 2. A few menu items have been nudged about and the “view” tools now sit on the top toolbar.

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