Ubuntu One, the cloud storage service from Ubuntu, is being ported to Windows at this years PyCon by the Ubuntu One team.
Many users have refrained from using the cloud storage solution thus far due in part to the lack of cross platform syncing. As such, the UbuntuOne team will be running a ‘sprint’ at PyCon 2010 to provide just that.

Ubuntu One is installed by default in Ubuntu and users are free to upload 2GB of files and documents to Ubuntu servers. Users can choose to ‘upgrade’ their plan to 50GB of storage for a fee of $10 per month.

Business Sense

Although many will scoff at yet another cloud-storage application for Windows when there are countless such services already – Dropbox, LiveMesh, etc – the bottom line is that this porting makes sense. This will finally allow dual-boot users & those who require use of a Windows machine the ability to access, upload and sync their files. The knock-on effect of widening the field for potential paying subscribers won’t hurt either!

Users will be far more inclined to shell out $120 a year for the super package in the knowledge that they can access their collection of files from pretty much any machine available.

I eagerly await the release of this with baited-breath and my mouse hovering over the ‘Cancel’ button on my Dropbox subscription…

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