The second Alpha of the Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx development cycle has been released.

This is the second of three Alpha releases, the last of which will arrive on February 25th. This will be followed by two beta releases on March 18th and April 8th respectively, a sole release candidate on the 22nd of April after-which the official release of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx comes on the 29th April.

What’s new?
Check out our previous article – “What’s Due In Lucid Alpha 2?” for a full list, but below are a few visual changes users will notice.

Plymouth integration is still an on-going work in progress and as such during the boot of Alpha 2 you may notice either a very pretty black screen of nothingness OR a very pretty black screen with an Ubuntu logo on it. The artwork is yet to be decided – this is an Alpha – so don’t be disappointed!

Indicator Applet
The indicator Applet is now in ‘two’ parts, preceding the full implementation of the ‘Me Menu’ due in a later release. (Read more on that here)

Rhythmbox is the first application to gain one of the new ‘Application Indicator’ panel entries, which aim to help standardize panel icon usage amongst applications.

Nvidia Drivers
Improved support for nVidia proprietary graphics drivers now allows three different nVidia drivers to be installed at the same time – although only one can be in use at anyone time.


PiTiVi Video Editor and brain-training game gBrainy make it into the application selection.


Nautilus has received many changes, the notable of which are the official inclusion of a “dual pane” navigation mode and a nudging several options around.


Whilst I do not recommend installing Lucid Alpha 2 on any machine that you intend to use daily, run it in the safety of Virtualbox if you really can’t wait.

You will find the relevant download details available at the following link: –

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