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Docky/AWN get ‘WorkRave’ RSI app helper

Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI) prevention tool Workrave has gained some backup assistance for notifying you that it’s time for a rest break in the form of Docky and AWN helpers. With the helper enabled you […]

19 November 2010
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Docky Terminal Helper Gives quick access to Terminal profiles from Docky

The following Docky Terminal helper by Eugeny Pankov provides easy access your terminal profiles. It’s a 3rd party helper so you can’t install it from the Docky PPA or branch but you can nab the […]

24 June 2010
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Docky Getting Liferea "Helper", Dropbox Docklet

Crikey on a bike! It’s another Docky post! No, this isn’t turning into OMG! Docky! but development is quite breathtakingly fast on it so there’s always lots to tell you about… Read All About It […]

3 January 2010