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liferea feed reader app on ubuntu

Is Liferea Feed Reader Still the Best RSS App on Ubuntu?

We take a look at the Liferea feed reader for Linux, show you how to install it on Ubuntu from a PPA, and ask if it's the best RSS reader available for Linux.

8 December 2017
newsup app window

Newsup Is a Unique News Reader App for Linux

A brand new news app for Linux puts the latest headlines from mainstream news outlets right on the desktop, all at the push of a button.

26 August 2015
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Linux RSS Reader Liferea Updates with Better Performance, New Features

A large portion of you reading this post will be doing so in the Linux RSS reader app 'Liferea'. The good news for you folks, as well as anyone else looking to read their RSS feeds through a desktop client, is that a new version of the application was recently released.

23 December 2011
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Monochrome Liferea tray icons

Before I hit the sack for tonight here is a small icon-based treat for, well, the icon-loving fans out there. Desktop RSS application Liferea has a pretty colourful tray icon and, whether you dig it […]

23 July 2010
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Add Liferea feed reader to the Ubuntu messaging menu

Users of desktop feed-reading application Liferea can be alerted to new RSS updates via the Ubuntu Messaging Menu thanks to a patch by the very cool Maia Kozheva. Download The patch is due to go […]

8 May 2010
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Docky Getting Liferea "Helper", Dropbox Docklet

Crikey on a bike! It’s another Docky post! No, this isn’t turning into OMG! Docky! but development is quite breathtakingly fast on it so there’s always lots to tell you about… Read All About It […]

3 January 2010
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Humanity-Style Icons: Liferea, Fusion, Sonata, Rhythmbox & Gwibber

You know the drill by now! Humanity Style Icons for another batch of applications. Fusion Download @ Install ALT+F2 gksu nautilus /usr/share/icons/hicolor/24×24/apps/ Replace old icon with new one ALT+F2 gksudo gtk-update-icon-cache /usr/share/icons/hicolor Rhythmbox Download […]

10 November 2009