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Banshee 1.5.3 Released; Gets Smart iPod syncing, Folder watching, more!

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Banshee 1.5.3 has been released.

This latest version of the popular Linux media player sees a host of new feature additions including smart media-player syncing, folder watching* and easy cover-art editing.

New Features in Banshee 1.5.3
We posted an rundown of Banshee 1.5.3’s features on Monday, which we have re-posted here for convenience.

Syncing play-lists to your iPods, etc
ImageBanana - NewSmartPlaylist_26.png
Aside from manually adding/removing files from your portable media device you can now choose to sync ‘smart’ play-lists, allowing you to specify the size limit, types of tracks to populate the play-list with (such as ‘most often played’ or ‘favourites’, etc ).

Library-folder watching
A long requested feature – already present in Rhythmbox – has been the ability for Banshee to watch your libraries’ folders for added, renamed, or deleted files and updating Banshee accordingly. Well – it’s here! (Although you have to enable it via the Extensions menu)

Cover art & Cover art editing

You can now view cover art in the lower-left corner of Banshee, as is standard in many music players from Songbird to iTunes. Banshee 1.5.3 also adds the ability to edit this artwork either by drag n’ dropping new artwork into the corner or via right-click.

Type-ahead lets you find track, artist, and album lists quickly

Described as “An alternative to filtering” type-ahead find jumps you to the first
track that matches your query. Activate using SHIFT+/ combination and type away. Press F3 to jump to the next match.

Audiobooks Library Extension
The Banshee team are calling it a “rough first version” but it’s pretty awesome for a first version. This extension sorts your books from your music.

eMusic importer/downloader extension
Do you use eMusic for purchasing your music? Well now you can download and import those purchases into Banshee using your .emx file. Simply select ‘eMusic Files’ from the normal Media > Import Media dialogue. (Needs to be enabled via the extensions menu)

This release also sees Banshee gain support for the (Google) Nexus One!

You can download banshee 1.5.3 in easy-install .deb form from the Banshee-Project page @

*Folder watching depends on a later version of Mono than what comes installed by default in Ubuntu