An interesting meeting is scheduled for Wednesday at UDS titled, droolingly, “Ubuntu one Music Store

The blueprint for this idea simply states: –

The Lucid music store project aims to deliver the ability to purchase music from within a desktop music player.

No further specification is yet available.

What Shape?

Given Rhythmbox already has Jamendo and Magnatune integrated into it, to an extent, it’s currently left to the imagination as to whether this blueprint applies to somehow getting major music label artists or other on-line companies – such as 7Digital or Amazon’s MP3 store – to provide the “music” in this service.

The fact the meeting refers to UbuntuOne in teh title is also left dangling as an interesting thought; how would any ‘Music Store’ integrate with UbuntuOne given UbuntuOne is purely a sync application currently. Would it sync bought music? Is this helpful given UbuntuOne can only be accessed on Ubuntu machines?

Questions, questions, questions!

Ubuntu doesn’t even ship with MP3 codecs by default so this is one discussion that will prove to be fascinating!


The discussion is scheduled for Wednesday 18th November @ 12.00 EST in the Presidente room.

Follow it on IRC @ #ubuntu-uds-presidente