I tweeted this news yesterday but in case you don’t use twitter or it got lost in the chatter, here’s the news again. Chromium_Icon

Enable Bookmark Sync

To enable bookmark sync in Chromium (That’s Chromium, not Google-Chrome just yet) simply add the following flag to your launcher.


How to add the flag

  • Go to System > Preferences > Main Menu
  • Go to ‘Internet’ in the left-hand panel
  • Click on the ‘Chromium’ entry in the main window
  • Choose ‘Edit Launcher’
  • Add the flag at the end of the text in the ‘Command Field’
  • Click Ok, Close.
  • Make sure no instance of Chromium is running, and then launch it from the menu.
  • Go to the wrench icon and then click ‘Sync My Bookmarks’.

thanks to Seif Sallam