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Sync Your iPhone/iPod Touch With Ubuntu

If you’ve got an iPhone or an iPod Touch you may routinely smash your head against it when trying to sync it with Ubuntu 9.10. Previous hack-arounds have required the patience of a saint and […]

4 March 2010
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How To Scrobble Plays From Creative Zen, Sony Ericsson, MTP devices To LastFM

Predicament: You want to be able to scrobble plays from your Creative Zen, Sony Ericsson phone or other MTP media device to LastFM in Ubuntu but you don’t know how. Well thanks to the i […]

28 January 2010
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Quick Hack To Get iPods Working With Banshee In Karmic

One annoyance in Karmic is the fact some iPod’s won’t work in Banshee “out of the box”. This is due to Ubuntu moving from HAL to devicekit for managing and notifying the system when hardware […]

2 November 2009